The challenges to Africa’s development

The challenges to Africa’s development are enormous and daunting. They traverse a whole gamut of issues including political, economic and social. These bring to the fore the issues of leadership failures manifested in the inability of governments across Africa to deliver development to the citizenry. As a result, Africans live in lamentably poor conditions essentially due to the irresponsibility of governments. The situation has steadily encouraged corruption, all shades of militancy and restiveness and an entrenched laissez-faire culture that now are huge factors in diminishing values and standards all over the continents. The effect of these have been catastrophic and mind boggling, and have reinforced debate on the leadership question in Africa, nay Nigeria, to among other things search for appropriate leadership response to the development issues in Nigeria and the continent.

Arguably, the issues have been traced to the effects of military incursion in governance.
The return to democratic rule in Nigeria which should have passed as a panacea has not been able to resolve the challenges, because of the decay in values. Thus eliciting a renaissance or a rebirth process to re-invent the ideals (values and ethics) which Africans, Nigerians and the diverse people and communities in Africa are known for.

However, the belief that re-enactment of ethical values and standards are necessary wake-up calls for a better and organized society, gave vent to the establishment of Prudent Global Development Initiative (PGDI), to champion the course of ethical and value re-orientation that will usher in a new lease of life to the Nigerian and African Society.
The idea is that a return to a regime of values and ethics will elicit good and near perfect society and ensure responsible citizenship and governance.