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Become a Volunteer

Prudent Global Development Initiative believes that volunteers are the primary Change Agents for transforming the society. PGDI organization is a global network of volunteers, who lend their time and skill to help the PGDI to achieve its goal of holistic and sustainable development.

The energy, innovation and knowledge volunteers bring to a program are critically important. Change Agents affect change by:

»       Providing intellectual inputs for better solution design, best practice evaluation and research
»       Implementation facilitation and community involvement
»       Partnering to create equal opportunities for the less privileged

The young, and the old, the retired and the working class, the near and the far, there is an opportunity for everyone to contribute. We offers a number of volunteer programs. we three categories of volunteers:

»       Ambassadors’
»       Students volunteer
»       Community volunteer

Ambassadors affect change by bring their expertise, experience and leadership in domain knowledge, solution design and consultancy. The knowledge change agents provide intellectual inputs for designing unique cost effective solutions and best practices.  They also help with evaluation and improvement, piloting, selective implementation,
technical documentation, designing effective communication strategy and training programs. Ambassador’s volunteers can come from anyone of the following categories such as working professionals, retired professionals, and homemakers with previous work experience.

Many of these projects can also be done virtually, without having to visit our office.

Retired professionals form a major part of our Ambassadors’. Senior volunteers bring experience and wisdom, and add tremendous value to PGDI projects through their professional skills, money, leadership and mature understanding. They also spend more time with our team and beneficiaries. It is a great way to turn retirement into an opportunity to significantly contribute to the society, for which many of them could not spare time during their busy working years.

Among homemakers, there are many, who have taken a break from active professional careers. We have part time projects for volunteers from this category designed to suit their time schedules, while utilizing their professional competence.

Students volunteer is aimed at students who do projects as part of their academic curriculum while studying or for interns who have completed their studies and are looking for professional experience before taking up a paid employment. Our projects help them develop valuable skills to help them in their future, professionally and
personally. Many successful professionals acknowledge that volunteering played an important part in their learning process. Prudent Global Development Initiative integrates student volunteers in the organization and guides them with a specific project to enhance and enrich their learning process. We welcome students and interns from academic specialization in management, social work, engineering, computer sciences, mass communications, graphic design, economics, and rural management.

Rural Volunteers play an extremely active role in community mobilization and program implementation, as they are volunteers based in the village. The rural change agents donate their time, knowledge and resources to implement solutions at the field level.  We believe that where there is a will there is a spirit to make a difference. Africa development is a movement that needs you. A corporate executive, a housewife, a student, an overseas intern, a retired or senior citizen-everybody is welcome to become a volunteer at PGDI