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Youth Empowerment

It is a aphorism that the  biggest problem confronting African today is lack of infrastructures, unfavorable  government policies , lack of modern technologies , unconducive  business  environment  for private sectors being the engine house of the economy to strive, this has attributed to unemployment which is the root course of poverty . Youth’s restiveness, internet fraud, gangstarism, kidnapping, assassination, terrorism and all sorts of deviant behaviors.

The number of unemployed youths in Africa is mind boggling and among them are over 200 million boys and girls with H.N.D, B.S.C. M.B.A. certificates roaming about the nocks and craning of the continent searching for jobs that do not exist. The situation is going from bad to worst due to uncontrolled birth rate with rapid growing population of about 4.2% per annual without commensurable increase in food production, all this are due to the irresponsibility of government across Africa to deliver development to her citizenry as a result of corruption.

The hardship in Africa continent is now compelling millions of youths to travel outside the continent precariously; some are deliberately donating and selling their God gifted kidney to raise money in abroad. Those who could not afford visa fee to do so are embarking on suicide journey by illegally migrating through Libya and Morocco trying to cross the ocean in between the two continents to enter Italy or Spain. Over 2 million African youths has been reportedly perished on the process of trying to cross the ocean in the night to enable get access to Europe in search of greener pasture, thousands of youths are still dying on weekly basis trying to cross over to Europe and vast majority of them are Nigerians.

Nigeria is a country with approximately 200 million people, the largest in Africa. The country account for about 49% of West Africa population, it is the biggest exporter of crude oil in Africa continent.

Nigeria is a country that is richly endowed with arable, fertile land and talented human resources in spite of all this the citizenry are still living in lamentably poor condition due to the irresponsibility of her government to provide enabling environment. The nation farmers are still using manual farming tools likes cutlasses, shovels, diggers etc. they lacks modern farming machineries  or technologies like tractors, pesticides, fertilizers, warehouses for food storage to boost food production and because of the drudgery and stress that involved in the said manual farming system in the country, the rural old men and women that are doing the farming business are now giving up the trade and the youths are not interested in this obsolete method of farming because of the drudgery and low output that is  involve, thus; the country is now depending heavy on importation of foods which is the cause of inflation in the nation of Nigeria.

The country is the second world largest importers of rice,  the nation is spending over  #356 billion in importation on rice, #217billions on sugar , #99 billion on fish, #410 Billion on wheat, #290 Billion on flour annually. There by creating jobs for the countries they are importing foods from, strengthening their economy and weakening the nation’s local currency etc.

We as nongovernmental /nonprofit making organization are trying to use the food scarcity challenges to solve the problems of unemployment in Africa through mechanize farming system which we believed it is possible.

We have successfully organized over 15 youth’s capacity building workshops. During the workshops we discovered that the youths are eager and willing to engage in mechanize farming not the traditional/manual way of using cutlass, shovels etc that is full of drudgery. They are talented, hardworking;  even the community leaders , families and individuals land owners are ready and willing to donate their lands for free  to encourage farming , to enable the country overcome the mind boggling unemployment problem.

Prudent  Global Development Initiative  have limited resources  to import all the required tractors , farm inputs , sponsor foreign expatriates that will coach these youths in the modern ways of mechanize farming to overcome this many decades  of unemployment night mare

We have successfully designed and implemented a one year perfect agriculture   programmed that will impact positivity in African youths which will enable them to become an employers of labour after the one year of the internship programmed.

Base on the above assertion, we are calling on donors, philanthropist, and government at all level to partners with us, provide us with materials for vocational training, finances, farm tools, ideals, technical support to overcome this unemployment problems in the Africa.

No amount of money, tools, ideas or donations from you that will be too small or big. We will appreciate every little support from any organization and individuals. Kindly contribute your quota today towards jobs creations in Africa continent to reduce poverty, crime, youths restiveness, social vices and depopulate the prisons yards. Join us today and become our ambassador or volunteer, we need your supports.